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Product Overview

The D1OCEA converts SDI video with embedded audio to 10-bit component or composite analog video and 4 channel balanced analog audio. The video outputs can be configured as YPbPr (Betacam or SMPTE/EBU N10), RGB, composite or Y/C (S-Video). Two re-clocked loop-thru SDI outputs are also provided. This versatile low-cost converter is ideal for video/audio monitoring.

The 4 channel analog audio outputs can be wired in a balanced or unbalanced configuration. All audio output channels can be selected as group 1-4 from SMPTE embedded audio. You have four settings of Audio level to choose from.

Output connections for video and audio are available on a 25 pin “D” subminiature connector. A break-out cable is supplied with the converter for this purpose.

You can configure video and audio from a DIP switch accessed through a cut-out in the converter’s case.


• SDI to analog audio and video converter
• SDI with embedded audio input
• 2 re-clocked, loop-thru SDI outputs
• 10-bit component or composite analog video outputs

• 4 channel balanced analog audio output

• Selectable audio level
• Selectable audio channel group
• External DIP switch user interface for configuration 


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